Saturday 28 January 2012

Ten Short Bits Of News And Info

1: If you're in Glasgow and free on Mon 30th January, I'll be giving a talk at the University of Strathclyde. This is open to the public, entry is free, and kicks off at 5pm. More details can be found here.

2: Blasted Heath has launched a new daily book recommendation with the bewitching acronym of #broth (Book Recommendation On The Heath). You can join in too. Check it out here.

3: You may have noticed that Criminal-E has been on something of an interview hiatus. Well, that's about to end very soon. I have some fine ebook crime writers lined up who will be revealing all. Well, maybe not all. Although that's an idea...

4: A while back I created a highly indulgent list of my top 200 noir fiction titles. It stops in 1997. My new Italian publisher, Revolver, has asked if I'll update it with a list of the best noir since then. Looking forward to this.

5: More Blasted Heath news. Next month sees the launch of The Unburied Dead by Douglas Lindsay and Wolf Tickets by Ray Banks, stonking books both.

6: And more events: Stuart MacBride is at Blackwell's in Edinburgh on Thu Feb 2nd (free, 6.30pm) and Len Wanner will be grilling Tony Black at Mayfield Library in Dalkeith on Sat 4th Feb (free, 6pm).

7: Will the big publishers drop DRM? Nice to see it being advocated at least. Bookseller Backed By Big Publishers Advocates Abandoning Digital Rights Management.

8: There's some pretty interesting information to be gleaned from Verso's 2011 Survey of Book-Buying Behaviour.

9: I'm very happy to say that the excellent Connie Haag is translating Bye Bye Baby for the German digital market.

10: And finally, I'm currently revising Kiss Her Goodbye, which will be the next of my novels out on Kindle. Here's a first look at the cover.


  1. Instantly turned seven shades pinker than my shirt! Thanks for the mention, Al, as for choosing lil ol me to translate the gem Bye Bye Baby. It's an honor, fascinating, and a lot of fun, pure and exact! Love it.


  2. When does the updated noir list become available? I’ve long said that list qualifies you to teach a noir course, with Megan Abbott as your co-teacher if you don’t feel like teaching alone.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  3. Glad you're updating the list. Even the famous Haycraft-Queen mystery list got an update somewhere along the way!

  4. Connie -- thank you. Bis bald.

    Peter -- not entirely sure about the timeframe. I'll get a move on, though, and update you when I know myself. As for teaching a course ... I can teach writing but I'd be staggeringly unimpressive if I attempted to teach literature. I read like a writer, not a reader.

    Kelly -- yes, should be interesting. I'm very much aware of how much I haven't read, though.