Friday 1 July 2011

JT Lindroos: Covers To Celebrate

JT Lindroos
JT Lindroos launched my writing career. As the driving force behind PointBlank Press, he took on an unpublished nobody from Scotland who'd amassed literally hundreds of rejection slips, and risked his editorial ass on Two-Way Split. It was the second book published by PointBlank, JT's imprint at Wildside Press. He's known, quite rightly, as an excellent cover designer. But he's also one of the best editors I've worked with. I learned more in that first edit from him than I'd learned in the previous half-a-dozen years. We went our separate ways after PointBlank, but always kept in touch, and when I started publishing ebooks, there was only one person I wanted to have as my cover designer. JT, poor guy, has done about 20 covers for Two-Way Split alone now! 

Today's his 40th birthday, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some of the other covers he's done. There's quite a variety, as you'll see below. Also one or two exclusives. SLAMMER and GUN (now there's a cover that pops) have never been seen before, and BARNEY THOMSON (another beauty) is pretty new as well. So here's to remarkably talented JT Lindroos. Have a good one, Juha!

"You only need to look at the PointBlank covers to know that JT Lindroos has an explosive talent for design. For me, Alan Slater will always be that man with the savage side parting, and JT will always be a go-to guy for eye-popping covers. I don't know anyone quicker, better or more open to ideas than him. And the thing of it is, I don't need to. Happy birthday, JT." Ray

"Thanks JT for bringing a great new dimension to my old book. Looking forward to working together on many more. Happy 40!" Douglas

"Happy Birthday, J.T., and thanks for the fantastic covers!" James

"Forty happy returns, JT. If my books were as good as your cover designs, we'd both be millionaires. Much obliged." Declan

"JT Lindroos is a top bloke and absolutely brilliant to work with. He was so enthusiastic about ...Go To Helena Handbasket and had so many great ideas. He came up with a cover design for the book and, after discussion, he then sent me another one...which made me cry. It was absolutely perfect. And that's the same with all the covers that he does - they really fit the books. He understands the books, he cares about them, and he sees things in a unique way. Happy birthday JT, and thanks for everything." Donna
"Happy 40th JT! Always a pleasure – and an honour – to work with you. Many thanks for the stunning covers." Russel
"Best Birthday Wishes to a Great Guy with a True Noir Vision. Have a few vodkas on me today, JT!" Dave

"Great cover for PSYCHOSOMATIC. Have a good 40th, man." Neil
"Happy birthday, JT. Have a fab day and thanks for the great cover design." Ed
"Happy Birthday JT! Thanks for all the great covers you've done so far and all the great ones to come! Hope you have a great day!" Lee

"Here's hoping you have a great day, JT, and thanks for all the superb work you've done. Happy Birthday, sir." Al
"JT - have a great 40th! And thanks for helping me start my writing career with such a fabulous cover." Debbie


  1. Those are some kick-ass covers. Wow. Makes the rest of the damn bookstore look boring.

  2. Talented bloke. Cracking covers/

  3. It's my excellent fortune to have JT considering the cover for HARD BITE, THE NOVEL. I really can't wait to see what he does. I know one thing, it'll be framed and hanging on my wall!